Yu is the copywriter of Jagger&Jones.

Yu is a manga and book fan. She love´s to take photos, write, make ideas and is curious about everything in the advertising world. One of the physical references of the character is the actress Rinko Kikuchi, best known for movies like Babel or Pacific Rim.Yu  personality is based in Shoko Nakagawa a Japanese tarento (media personality), actress, voice actress, illustrator, and singer. Also known by her nickname Shokotan (しょこたん), she is best known as the presenter of Pokémon Sunday.

Name: Yu Watts. Age: 21. American nationality.Socioeconomic level: Medium.Hometown: San Francisco.Work: Copywriter.Salary: $ 6000 usd. Family: Nobody. Marital Status: Single. Strengths: Specialty to create creative concepts out of the ordinary. She is very intelligent, she reads extraordinarily fast.Weaknesses: Takes too much time to create design. Sometimes she is very childish, she believes too much in people and that is why they take advantage of his kindness. Above all the online stalkers.Tastes: The books, the sleeves, the instagram.Favorite Food: Ramen. Personal drama: Feel that the people do not recognize her enough, no one knows who writes things. That’s why he has a personal project for a book, but she does not feel ready to publish it.

Shoko Nakagawa

She is the new one of Jagger & Jones and as soon as she joins the company you impersonate her as the newbie so now you are the new one. So it will be your colleague as in the University. With it you admit your nerves, anger, and will be your confidant and first friend and ally in the company.Phrases:Anything is better than Coello. Motivations and objectives:She wants to publish a book someday.Conflicts:She has anxiety attacks, she needs to be supported by someone to be able to take initiative, she has a lot of work and she is afraid of being the first one. Beliefs:Sintoists, likes to meditate, is very respectful of other religions and beliefs.

She feels close to the protagost because it is her chance to be more experienced than someone as well as her partner. She is a little afraid of Angie because of her character, Yu flees to conflicts and does not like to argue, she is very close to Sam because of the mother aspect of this, and they seem very funny Ronnie laughs a lot of what she says Ruby is like her older sister, Jagger gives her respect and curiosity.

During the beginning of the game Yu seeks to finish a novel about Neon Punk Ninja Hackers. Carry half, but is very insecure about the book and does not show it to anyone but he talks to everyone. She rewrites it again and again. Every day after leaving work write a little. She does not know what the next step would be and she is very insecure about herself, she does not see it as a reality to publish it.

Yu Watts is a young reader of migrant parents from Japan. She´s father is a chef and she´s mother is a language teacher. They have always instilled in her the importance of discipline, humility and hard work. Yu is the most frequent character of the game, her image and because she is the newest of the team besides you, so she will be your companion during the learning in this adventure. During her career in literature and advertising he made a blog where he shared many of his short stories under the pseudonym Yu Chan, as well as an Instagram account with his inspirations. One day and in the midst of desperation working on a gossip blog creating false stories and click baits, she finds a job application for Jagger & Jones, where believing it is a fashion magazine she sends a link to her blog and without her believing it they interview her and the they hire Initially as a trainee and later as a Copy Writer.

Design Hero is a design, advertising, and marketing based visual novel for pc and mobile devices. The game story follows the story of a young aspiring designer fresh out of Pratt Institute. Despite his clumsiness, he lands an internship with the feared and respected Angie Jones, the business director of Jagger & Jones the best design agency in NY. The character fight to survive the evil clients and Angie´s excessive demands for six months in the hopes of getting the job.

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