Ruby is the art director of Jagger&Jones.

Ruby was a guitar player of a punk rock band called the Amazons in college, she loves punk rock music and you can hear her always singing songs of Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Ramones, The Misfits, etc. The main idea behind her was to make a rebel and young Paula Scher (one of the legends of graphic design and partner of one of the most important design firms in the world:Pentagram) with her obsessión about type fonts and reimagine urban environments. The other reference is the actress and singer Taylor Momsen, because the character is very confrontative and though.

Paula Scher

Name: Ruby Wyman. Age: 27. American nationality.Socioeconomic level: High.Hometown: Seattle.Work: Art Director.Salary: $ 6800 USD.Family: Parents.Marital Status: Single.Strengths: Illustration, lettering. He is very brave and has a lot of empathy for people who have suffered some type of abuse or intolerance. She knows how to defend herself.Weaknesses: He does not like to be taxed. It is very rebellious. Tastes: Typography.Favorite Food: Pizza It is very conflictive, it bothers her the hypocrisy and intolerance of society, ironically it is very intolerant in its way of communicating it. She had a case of violence with her ex-boyfriend who, because of problems with drugs, attacked her. So she had a very difficult time getting help to finish a very abusive relationship.

Taylor Momsen

Ruby despite looking very relieved has a great devotion to performing a highly professional job. For what it will require you to be a perfectionist with the details, not to have spelling errors, and to take care of your quality more than you can. Still and delaying a delivery if this is not perfect. Phrases: Break things, we believe things. In her dreams, she always dreamed of having a band and playing in music festivals, but she never took it so seriously. She´s dream is to travel to different parts of the world and see the main rock events in the world. She has never left the United States. She would love to go to the UK with someone. She believed in people a lot and suffered abuse from her ex-boyfriend who physically assaulted her. In addition to having a dysfunctional home for divorced parents. So she does not believe much in his absent father, and she learned to defend herself. She does not want to date problematic guys anymore. She is an atheist and loves punk culture. So he had a lot of fun doing acts of vandalism, that at she´s current age resigned himself to making silly jokes.

She´s best friend is Ronnie. Sometimes she says what Trevor says but respects the fact that her opinions are based, sometimes she argues with Angie and is the only one who can put her in her place, she does not like Sam very much and makes jokes about her behind her back, Yu is like his little sister. With the protagonist, she will treat him as if she were a male friend, in fact, almost all of Ruby’s friends are men. Ruby seeks to forget her ex-boyfriend because she often went back with him against the warnings of Ronnie and her friends. They lived together and it is difficult to make that transition but it is necessary. He seeks forgiveness and hardly has the opportunity to travel to England with a friend. Ruby is extremely direct always had taste in graffiti, illustrate in all his notebooks while the teacher explained, and get into fights, in the race had a punk rock band called The Amazons that separated when they all graduated. She has always liked to attend rock festivals, being a fan of going to Lollapalooza, his favorite band is Bonjovi. She was rebellious during her adolescence due to the divorce of her parents, however later and she recognizing “a stage” currently has an excellent relationship with both. Loves going to bars, enjoy live music. She also likes tattoos a lot.

Design Hero is a design, advertising, and marketing based visual novel for pc and mobile devices. The game story follows the story of a young aspiring designer fresh out of Pratt Institute. Despite his clumsiness, he lands an internship with the feared and respected Angie Jones, the business director of Jagger & Jones the best design agency in NY. The character fight to survive the evil clients and Angie´s excessive demands for six months in the hopes of getting the job.

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