Sam is the project manager of Jagger&Jones.
She is like the mother of everyone in the office, and her primary duty is to maintain the shipping of the projects on time. The main inspirations of the character are Peggy Olsen from Madmen and Susan Kare one of the designers that influenced the early Apple interface elements.

Susan Kare

Name: Samantha Richards. Age: 28. American nationality. Socioeconomic level: High. Hometown: Los Angeles.. Job:Project Manager of Jagger & Jones. Salary: $ 8500 usd. Family: Parents, and a brother.Civil Status: Single.Strengths:Very attentive and organized. Weaknesses: It is difficult for her to express when something dislikes him, and she keeps a lot of things to avoid conflicts. She has tendencies to depression.Tastes: Cooking and eating.
Favorite Food: Lasagna.

Peggy Olson

Feel that you have to be perfect, try not to say when something happens to you not to bother, excessively kind, inside accumulates all the anger until it explodes.Sam is your mentor, who convinces you to be part of Jagger & Jones, and having a difference in ages, is like a surrogate mother to you. We develop a great respect for her.She wants to find tranquility and inner peace.
She does not show when something angers her, and everything is reserved until it explodes.

Sam despite doing everything possible to keep everything in order is not very passionate about the world of advertising. Every one who can bake desserts and gives them to his colleagues in the office. She has always gone ahead thanks to not taking control of her, like Angie whom she admires a lot. He would love to make a pastry shop but he does not dare, he thinks he will screw up again like in his old job.
At this moment, her life changes when she becomes Jack’s mentor, so she does everything possible to commit herself so that he has the confidence to fulfill her dreams even when she does not.

Samantha studied Information technologies and worked for a large software development company called All Solutions. She had an error that cost the company $ 5 million, and the company fired her entire team except her. She had a crisis because of the amount of stress and resigned. Later in the middle of her depression and with her coffee every Friday with her friend during the race, Angie, is invited to be part of her agency and promised to help her recover her lost confidence.

Design Hero is a design, advertising, and marketing based visual novel for pc and mobile devices. The game story follows the story of a young aspiring designer fresh out of Pratt Institute. Despite his clumsiness, he lands an internship with the feared and respected Angie Jones, the business director of Jagger & Jones the best design agency in NY. The character fight to survive the evil clients and Angie´s excessive demands for six months in the hopes of getting the job.

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